Amitran was one of the projects showcased at ITS Next: the final event of SEE-ITS, held in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 22-23 September 2014.

The event, part of Thessaloniki Smart Mobility Week, was the culmination of the SEE-ITS project ( which stimulated cooperation, harmonisation and interoperability with respect to Intelligent Transport Systems in South East Europe. The results of SEE-ITS set a long-term framework for institutional and operational integration of ITS in this region and cover optimal use of road, traffic and travel data, continuity of traffic and freight management ITS services, ITS road safety and security applications, and linking the vehicle with the transport infrastructure.

Jean-Charles Pandazis of ERTICO – ITS Europe presented the outcome of the Amitran methodology in a session on Impact Assessment of ITS, which also included presentations on impact assessment methods, cost-benefit analyses, ITS for parking management, and ITS for urban freight transport. His presentation is available here.

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