IN2CCAM is one of the latest projects to become part of ERTICO’s CCAM focus area, aligning with the European Union’s goal to enhance the interconnectivity and cooperation of automated mobility with traffic management. The project advances innovative technologies and services, following up on the CCAM Partnership mission to bring inclusivity and safety to European roads. 

On May 3-4, IN2CCAM will take part in the EUCAD Conference being organised by the European Commission, together with the CCAM Partnership and the ERTICO-coordinated FAME project. IN2CCAM will join other European projects to raise awareness about the ongoing research and innovation to support the market uptake of CCAM solutions.

The CCAM Partnership, formalised in 2021 with ERTICO as one of its founding members, fosters collaboration between stakeholders and establishes a roadmap to ensure seamless integration and interoperability of CCAM technologies across Europe. Through the combination of communication and automation technologies, CCAM has the potential to help accomplish several EU policy targets in line with the EU Green Deal, the European Data Strategy, the Sustainable & Smart Mobility Strategy, and the EU Missions, while making roads safer and ensuring inclusive mobility.

CCAM: a key focus of ERTICO’s Roadmap

In recent years, under the EU’s Horizon 2020 framework, a number of large-scale pilot projects were launched to prepare the way for CCAM deployment in the European Union. ERTICO has been involved in projects under each of the four categories: urban mobility (SHOW), freight and logistics (ENSEMBLE), 5G and connectivity (5G-MOBIX), and passenger vehicles (AUTOPILOT). ERTICO led the AUTOPILOT and 5G-MOBIX projects, which along with ENSEMBLE have concluded. All have been involved in testing the latest CCAM technologies and services in real-life scenarios.

Building on the success of these projects, the CCAM Partnership also launched calls for CCAM-related projects to align R&I results under a user-centred and social impact approach, with a focus on safety, accessibility and sustainability. ERTICO is involved in a number of projects, including SUNRISEPoDIUM and SINFONICA, which are funded by this initiative under the Horizon Europe Programme.

IN2CCAM, which started in November 2022, also answers the same call. The project, which is coordinated by ERTICO partner POLIBA, seeks to reshape mobility by advancing and accelerating CCAM technologies and services for seamless traffic management across Europe. Through six Living Labs located in Tampere, Trikala, Turin, Vigo, Bari an Quadrilatero, its 21 partners will develop optimal fleet and traffic management concepts and services for the seamless mobility of people and goods. This will involve designing, testing, and implementing a structure to favour interoperability and using advanced simulations and digital twin models for new traffic management strategies. The project will also explore and promote new lines of cooperation, governance, and business models.

Stay informed

The IN2CCAM website has recently gone live, serving as a centralized spot to explore the project’s insights, latest advancements, upcoming events and further information on each Living Lab. It is a valuable resource for stakeholders to stay informed and engaged with the project.

Do visit our website and stay current with the Project’s progress through our social media channels: LinkedIn and Twitter.