The annual International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCOSS 2019) took place from 29-31 May 2019 in Santorini Island, Greece. The conference covered several aspects of distributed computing in sensor systems such as high level abstractions and models, systematic design methodologies, signal and information processing, algorithms, analysis and applications. Around 150 participants attended the conference to discuss latest research achivements in the field of sensors.

SAFE STRIP had a booth where we exhibited the SAFE STRIP road marking and organised a special session on Smart Transport. This special session was organised with aim to inform industry and research /academia world about the implementation and validation approach followed in the project, the progress made in this respect and discuss liaison with other initiatives in the area as well as the future and challenges of C-ITS towards the wide establishment of self-explanatory and forgiving infrastructures. The following 5 high quality papers have been selected for presentation in the Smart Transport session. – “Implementation and validation approach of the C-ITS novel solution proposed by SAFE STRIP for self-explanatory and forgiving infrastructures”, Maria Gkemou, Andrea Steccanella, Ioannis Gkragkopoulos, Dionysios Kehagias, Evangelos Bekiaris – “An encapsulated energy harvesting platform for on-road low power sensing systems”, Gavrilis Filios, Ioannis Katsidimas, Vassilis Kostopoulos, Thanasis Kotzakolios, Sotiris Nikoletseas, George Sotiriadis, Ioannis Tsenempis – “Cooperative Safety Applications for C-ITS equipped and non-equipped vehicles supported by an extended Local Dynamic Map built on SAFE STRIP Technology”, Francesco Biral, Giammarco Valenti, Enrico Bertolazzi, Andrea Steccanella – “HMI to exploit the potential of Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems”, Roberto Montanari, Andrea Castellano, Elisa Landini – “Intelligent roads as part of the C-ITS reference architecture”, Erwin Vermassen