Indra, one of the leading global technology and consulting companies, together with Minsait, its leading subsidiary in digital transformation and information technology consulting, have jointly designed and developed a pioneering application with the IT Department of the Directorate-General for Traffic which is both a digital driving license, a direct communication channel for citizens with this institution and a space to carry out different procedures and formalities.

Thanks to the miDGT App, citizens can have their driving licenses and vehicle documentation on their mobile phones, in digital format, and with full legal validity to drive within the national territory.

The solution places the DGT at the forefront of the world due to the numerous features it incorporates, and brings this institution closer to the public. In addition, it contributes to improving road safety by providing a direct channel of communication through which drivers can be sent personalized notifications in connection with traffic, road safety and their administrative relationship with the DGT. These notifications are expected to be more personalized in the future. Likewise, the user can be notified if their vehicle inspection or the insurance of their car expires and, in the future, of complaints or events related to their official matters.

Among the numerous procedures possible thanks to the app, the consultation of points on the driver’s license and the option to change contact data is already included. Soon, the option to consult and pay fines will also be included, as well as registration of passenger cars, purchase and sale of vehicles between individuals, vehicle reports, appointment requests, and the payment and purchase of fees or the consultation of test grades.

miDGT will have legal validity for driving in the national territory, since an API has been developed: a technological component that once implemented allows other organizations to validate the document. The DGT is working so that in the future this validity will be extended to international mobility.

The Traffic Group of the Civil Guard will be the first to use miDGT. In this way, the officers can read the QR code generated by the App when they stop a driver on the road, and check the validity of both the driver’s and the vehicle’s permits. Other State Security Forces and Agencies, such as the police and town/city councils, may also use the application.

In addition to meeting the most demanding security requirements, the miDGT App is fully accessible, as it meets the AA level of compliance with the accessibility guidelines for web content (WCAG) 2.1. It has been developed with the citizen in mind so that the user experience is optimal, according to the criteria of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface).

Safer and more sustainable mobility
With this project, Indra once again places its technology at the service of safer, more sustainable and environmentally-friendly mobility, thus contributing towards some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to facilitate the identification of drivers and vehicles and improve road safety, Indra has also developed the TRAMO project (Mobility processing for accidents, complaints and management of general traffic information) for the DGT. Through it, by using tablets, the officers of the Civil Guard’s Traffic Group are provided with information and different solutions aimed, fundamentally, at speeding up care and reducing procedures in the event of an accident or complaint. The project eliminates the need for paper, thus generating savings and an environmental impact reduction, and eliminates manual transcription processes, thus avoiding possible errors in processing.

Indra’s solutions contribute to reducing accidents, improving infrastructure and passenger safety and protection, making them more efficient and optimizing the use of public resources. They also help to make transport management more efficient and less polluting, reducing the carbon footprint, promoting sustainable mobility policies and improving air quality.

Indra has unique experience in transportation, with more than 2,500 projects developed in more than 100 cities and more than 50 countries. Its Transportation Division, Indra Mova Solutions, covers the entire life cycle of its clients’ projects and combines the new digital integration, specialization and innovation capabilities demanded by the market with reliability, business knowledge, Indra’s proprietary transport technology, and the unique experience of its team of professionals.

New digital channels at the service of citizens
Minsait, as reflected in its recently published report “Public Innovation: the disruptive technologies that will transform State Agencies”, understands that new technologies have changed our way of life and the way we relate and communicate, and the Public Administration cannot be left out of this process of change.

The digital citizen demands an agile service with any device, which allows them to carry out their procedures with government agencies in the same way they carry them out with other organizations.

Minsait has services that are important to the user, that contribute to achieving a better approach and that promote citizen participation in public initiatives, by improving accessibility to government agencies and the daily work of public employees. Currently, the company has more than 700 projects in 26 countries and more than 250,000 public employees interact with its solutions.

Within Onesait Government – its suite of solutions to respond to the needs of the citizen – Minsait integrates a range of products and services geared towards the development of new digital channels that make it easier for citizens and companies to interact with their government agencies more quickly, from any location and without time constraints, thus achieving reductions of 30% in the time and paper used in the processing of files thanks to an efficient digital transformation.

Source: Indra