Optimal fuel consumption with predictive powertrain control and calibration for intelligent Truck (optiTruck) is bringing together the most advanced technologies from powertrain control and intelligent transport systems in order to achieve a global optimum for consumption of fuel (at least 20% reduction) as well as other energy sources and consumables while achieving Euro VI emission standards for heavy duty road haulage (40t).

On February 6, optiTruck is organizing a webinar entitled “Challenges facing predictive Powertrain technologies”. The aim is first to introduce examples of innovative powertrain technologies currently under development for reducing fuel consumption. Second, we will have a discussion about challenges in order to define common issues faced by predictive powertrain technologies in general.

Three of these activities are funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 research programme and one is funded in the USA under the NEXTCAR research programme.

More information about this webinar is available here.

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