Being successful with the first session, the Smart City “X” Consortium proceeded with the second stage of the Future Cities Global Initiative, see the upload.

The Innovative Smart Cities Initiative is to advance the comprehensive Smart City development strategies to systematically improve urban land and environment, physical and social infrastructures, quality of life and well-being, resilience and sustainability, innovation and creativity, economy and competitiveness, governance and management.

The Global Cities Initiative is to be presented for World Smart Cities Awards “looking for the most ambitious Smart City strategies, the most advanced projects and the most innovative solutions around the world which foster the evolution of the Smart City concept. The award aims to boost the development of future cities while improving quality of life, sustainability, innovation, creativity, competitiveness and efficient management”.

The Initiative is to meet the major future cities concern: “The Climate Group’s research revealed that there are no examples to date of cities launching fully integrated, strategically designed Smart City development programs”, including the EU cities and communities as committed to be smart:

Italy (369);·         Spain (267);·         France (82);·         Portugal (65);·         Germany (64);·         Greece (62);·         Romania (42);·         Sweden (42);·         United Kingdom (32);  Belgium (27);·         Netherlands (24)  

Original author: asha