KIRKLAND, Wash – March 1, 2022. INRIX, Inc., a leader in connected car services and transportation analytics, announced INRIX® IQ Signal Analytics is now available in Germany to manage traffic signal and corridor performance easier, faster and cheaper than instrumenting an intersection with equipment. Signal Analytics delivers intersection and corridor analytics in an easy to use yet powerful cloud-based platform designed for all levels of traffic professionals – management, engineering, operations and maintenance.

INRIX Signal Analytics, already used by agencies in 12 states in the U.S., was the industry’s first intersection analytics platform based exclusively on anonymous connected vehicle data. Signal Analytics calculates industry-defined metrics including control delay, split failures, turn ratio and volume at a lower cost than instrumenting an intersection with equipment. Systemwide summary metrics are reported daily and presented in an intuitive, web-based application available through INRIX IQ, a SaaS application suite for uncovering mobility insights.

“Signal Analytics is a robust set of visualizations and analytics that transforms complex data into easily understood, managed and optimized dashboards and reports that people can act on,” said Holger Hochguertel, director of sales and business development at INRIX Germany. “We’re excited to bring Signal Analytics to Germany to help road authorities prioritize system enhancements, save time, money, and the environment.”

Signal Analytics uses more than 1.2 million mobile data sources to deliver granular insights on over 10,000 intersections in Germany. With vehicle data collected every 5 seconds, it delivers every metric necessary for operators to fully understand intersection performance. Customizable daily reports and dashboards highlight key metrics, problems and trends for intersections and corridors across a road network.

“Strassen.NRW has been using INRIX Traffic for our traffic control in North Rhine-Westphalia for several years,” said Dr. Martin Rose, head of new mobility, the state office for road construction in Straßenbau NRW. “The availability of Signal Analytics in Germany could not come at a better time. We are currently looking at setting up a traffic signal control center for all of the state’s traffic signal systems to, among other things, use intelligent, digital traffic management to optimize traffic signal control throughout our state in a cost-effective manner.”

Reducing excessive delay has a direct and immediate benefit of reducing carbon emissions from unnecessary idling at intersections. INRIX calculated a ten-second reduction in every registered vehicle’s delay at signals daily would translate into 120,000 fewer metric tons of CO2 emitted annually. Signal Analytics is a cost-effective tool to reduce emissions immediately and ensure continued emission reductions by eliminating needless vehicle idling.

To access INRIX IQ Signal Analytics in Germany, sign up here.

To learn more, register for the upcoming webinar, showcasing INRIX IQ Signal Analytics on March 15, 2022, at 2 pm CET.

Source: INRIX