This week, the Congress team, led by Director Lisa Boch-Andersen, met with counterparts and ERTICO Partner Dubai RTA, Mohammed Al Mudharrab, CEO of Corporate Technology Support Services Sector and his team in preparation for the ITS World Congress taking place in the city from 16-20 September 2024.

‘Dubai will be an incredible host for the 2024 World Congress with a strong reach across Europe, Middle- East and Africa, in addition to Asia and Americas’ says Lisa Boch-Andersen, Director of Communications, Congresses and Events at ERTICO – ITS Europe. The ITS Congresses represent the ultimate showcase of mobility services deployment.

Every third year, ERTICO organises an ITS  World Congress. The Congresses are a yearly celebration of smart mobility: they underline the importance of Intelligent Transport Systems, particularly in cities and regions where they are hosted and are important channels to raise awareness of smart mobility solutions among policymakers, experts and the general public.