The Federal Highway Administration issued a pre-solicitation notice for a full and open competition. The prospective Contractor team will work in collaboration with the Intelligent Transportation Systems IntelliDrive Safety Program to establish the Safety Pilot model deployment. This deployment is intended to be a real world multi-modal operating environment supported by a diverse team of industry public agencies and academia.


It is anticipated that the Contractor team will:

  • Identify and define a model deployment site and operating environment along with partnering agencies and organisations.
  • Install infrastructure components equip 2000-3000 vehicles with “Here-I-Am” and aftermarket safety devices arrange for the installation of Roadside Equipment Devices conduct a system interoperability test and resolve any interoperability problems.
  • Coordinate and conduct testing of cooperative systems among vehicles of various types as well as with the roadside infrastructure.
  • Collect and archive data involving the model deployment operating environment. Provide the processed data to the John A. Volpe National Transportation Centre and assist them in administering surveys and conducting focus groups.
  • Demonstrate applications that leverage the vehicle-based “Here-I-Am” data and infrastructure broadcasted data.

Potential Offerors should be knowledgeable in wireless communication (especially Dedicated Short Range Communications at 5.9 GHz) and information technologies and be experienced in the development and operation of complex real world and test track vehicle testbeds including data collection. Offerors should also be knowledgeable in vehicle-based safety systems.

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Original Publication Date: Fri 17 Dec 2010