2015.08.14_3663_sno08_cdv_glen_wallace_flickr_cc_by-sa_2.0The Scottish government has approved plans for a new rail freight terminal in Glasgow (United Kingdom) to support sustainable freight transport.

The terminal will be operated by PD Stirling, and will give Scotland greater capacity to link rail freight to the rest of the UK and the EU. Almost 5 000 jobs will be created through the construction and operation of the terminal.

It will also allow more businesses to shift their goods by long-distance rail – a more efficient and sustainable alternative to road-based freight – and reduce traffic on nearby roads.

David Stirling, a representative of the company, said: ‘We’re delighted with [the] decision as it will open up new opportunities for railfreight and sustainable low-carbon logistics in Scotland.

As well as constructing and operating the terminal, the company has agreed to support the development of local woodlands nearby with cycle and footpaths, after concerns from local residents about the project’s environmental impact.

Image source: Glen Wallace (Flickr)