Our team prepares the RDI proposal for H2020 calls related to smart sustainable governance.

The project in one sentence: Studying new models of distributed multpilayer governance in digital society, relevant knowledge, methods and tools for integrated smart sustainable management supported by ICT which digitally transforms big data streams from large number of diverse data sources, including IoT and automated systems and mobiles, into integrated holistic vision of very complex socioeconomic systems in real time.

The content is innovative and unique. The underlying project concepts are proved by the basic prototype, the demo is available at https://smartcity.win2biz.com.The project aims at producing novel demonstration prototypes for the different levels of governance such as Smart Union as multinational group (like EU), Smart Countries, Smart Regions and Smart Cities.

We look for relevant experienced coordinators, use case partners and communication/dissemination partners representing local, regional and national governance studies and practices to join the project, develop prototypes and experiments with new governance models.

The brief project overview is attached. The prospective partners interested in this or other similar projects are welcome to contact us: info@golem.at; info@asidees.org.