The first smart square of Italy is born in Torino: Piazza Risorgimento. This smart city project, initiated by Planet, creates a public space in which smart architecture, technology, environment and social life come together. It is a unique way to show innovation and offer services to the citizens of the city. Nedap’s smart parking sensors are installed to inform motorists about the number of available parking spaces in real-time.


The smart square in Torino is a demo of how smart technology can improve the quality of life of citizens and bring people together. The technologies combined together go from the architecture to smart technologies to environment and social inclusion in the life of the square. The smart square was officially opened by the end of September 2016.

Planet, the company that developed this smart city concept and that combines all technologies in one app, offers this to smart cities in Brazil. A great example can be found close to Fortaleza.

The square consists of different spaces: a public book sharing area, an open-air gym, a lounge where people can meet, a court to play bowls. Smart technologies are used to manage these areas. Being aware of consumptions to avoid waste of energy, smart lighting is only active where and when necessary, smart watering is used to manage the vegetable garden, photovoltaic tiles to light the floor. All these technologies can be monitored via an app, the PlanetAppSquare, so everyone is aware of the actual consumes and savings.


In these areas, Nedap SENSIT sensors for smart parking have been used to inform motorists about the number of available parking spaces in real-time. These smart parking sensors with double technology, both infrared and magnetic field, offer real-time parking occupancy information via the Planet app. Thanks to this solution, people know exactly how many parking bays are available and where they can be found. It allows Planet to provide the city with a tool to reduce pollution and traffic along the streets to improve citizens’ happiness. Clevergy has introduced Nedap technology to Planet, as the first of several projects to be made in Italy.


With very much interest and participation of people, the smart square project was an immediate success. An app featuring all the technologies of the square has been developed for all the people who want to download and share. The square will be monitored and fully operative until the end of the year and it is the first step to be extended in the city of Turin and in other areas.