Kapsch TrafficCom signs contract for implementation and operation of the nation-wide tolling system in Poland.

The consortium led by Kapsch was announced by the Directorate for National Roads and Highways (GDDKiA) in the beginning of October as best bidder and winner of the tender. Today the contract for implementation and operation of the electronic tolling system for the existing road network of about 1.750 km was signed.

“Thanks to our extensive expertise in ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and strong local partners we are in a position to deliver and operate a system that can satisfy even the highest quality demands. At the same time our consortium partners and suppliers are thoroughly familiar with the Polish market. With these initial conditions in place we have succeeded in becoming the best bidder in the tendering procedure” emphasises Erwin Toplak board member at Kapsch TrafficCom.

On the basis of this contract and within the scope of the project the consortium led by Kapsch shall initially implement an extensive modern electronic toll solution on the existing road network of about 1.750 km until 1 July 2011. The system is in force for all vehicles above 3.5 tons passenger car vehicles may register in the future system on voluntary basis. In addition the consortium will erect a manual toll collection system on single short sections for vehicles below 3.5 tons on the highway network. The system design foresees an effective and efficient extension of electronic toll collection at a later date not only on the newly constructed roads but also on the existing network that will later be added to the toll system. The contract value is as quoted by the Polish authorities on October 1 EUR 124 Mrd (PLN 49 Mrd).

Kapsch TrafficCom considers the deadline for implementation of the tolling system as very short but realistic. “After rejection of the appeals we hope there will be no further postponements. We are ready to install the project in time under the condition we can work closely with Poland’s Directorate for National Roads and Highways (GDDKiA) and other Polish government authorities. We count on it because of our common ambitious goal -any postponement in the implementation of the tolling system could be detrimental to to the Polish government due to delay in revenue” says Erwin Toplak.



Kapsch TrafficCom relies on strong local partners
Local suppliers and subcontractors will play an important role in the system implementation. Through the cooperation with local partners a large portion of the value created will remain in the country. Also a number of new workplaces will be created during the 96-month contract period.

The modern DSRC solution as the most beneficial for Poland
The Kapsch consortium offered a modern and price-competitive DSRC electronic toll collection system. This meets all the stated requirements of the Polish Directorate for National Roads and Highways (GDDKiA). Kapsch TrafficCom has almost 20 years experience in the intelligent transportation systems market. The company has successfully realized many projects throughout the world. The majority of successfully completed projects are based on Dedicated Short Range Communication technology for multi-lane free-flow traffic. Such systems guarantee the road operator revenue vital for building maintaining and improving the road infrastructure.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 25 Nov 2010