Innovation is transforming the transport sector at an unprecedented pace. It is removing barriers to the movement of people and goods and changing peoples’ way of living and working, as well as the planet itself. Innovation can have a positive impact on women both as transport users and as professionals.

Women as transport users can benefit from the various services provided by innovative technologies, new business models and other innovations to adapt mobility options to their needs. Innovation can also open new opportunities for women’s employment in transport.

Meanwhile, the recent Covid-19 crisis continues disproportionately affecting women and girls as transport users and workers, intensifying pre-existing inequalities in the sector. Going forward, policy responses will be crucial to steer transport innovations to help address gender inequalities in the sector.

This third edition of the ITF Compendium on Women in Transport showcases the role of innovation in promoting gender equality in the sector. The report assembles voices from the transport sector that highlight positive examples of how women as transport users can benefit from the innovations that are transforming the transport sector. They show that the future of mobility can be more inclusive and sustainable where mobility services use technology and other innovative solutions adapted for women’s needs and where innovative approaches enhance women’s professional opportunities in transport.

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