The ITS Toolkit responds to Action Point 6.2 of the European “Action Plan for the Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in Europe” (European Commission 2008) which calls for the development of a decision-support toolkit for investment decisions in ITS applications and services.

It was developed within the 2DECIDE project funded by the European Commission DG MOVE (Mobility and Transport) in the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development. The 2DECIDE project started in 2009 and ended on 30 November 2011. The Toolkit is now available to the public for free (registration is required) although some work is still on-going to improve and finalise it in the light of the recent validation exercise by external users. The Toolkit covers Intelligent Transport Systems for road and public transport applications. The user functions and basic descriptions are available in English German French and Italian although the more detailed data (including descriptions of case studies and evaluations) is in English only. Available case study and evaluation reports for download are in the language of the study concerned (usually the language of the country of implementation and often English for EU/international studies).

What can the ITS Toolkit be used for?

  • To search for Intelligent Transport System applications which are relevant to your specific context (geographical context area of transport problem or policy goal)
  • To obtain expected values and ranges for benefits of applications (where data is available) based on evaluation reports of real deployments
  • To access structured summaries of ITS deployment case studies and evaluations and to download the original report (where this is publicly available)
  • The Toolkit does not give “instant solutions” nor can it replace a feasibility study. However it can assist in such studies by providing evidence of relevant deployments and their results success factors and lessons learned elsewhere.

What is the Toolkit’s scope?

  • The Toolkit covers Intelligent Transport Systems for road and public transport applications in Europe (the scope of the EU’s ITS Action Plan). So far it does not cover systems specific to air rail or waterborne transport.

How to get started on the ITS Toolkit?

  • Go to the website
  • To use the Toolkit you need to register (it’s free!) Just click on Create new account on the bottom left of this page to request a password.

The ITS Toolkit launched recently is the result of the EU FP7 project “2DECIDE” which had 14 Partners:
AustriaTech (project co-ordinator); Politecnico di Milano; Egis; VTT – Technical Research Centre of Finland; CERTH – Centre for Research and Technology Hellas; Jacobs Consultancy; Rapp Trans; Algoé; EXODUS; Ecorys; TRANSVER; Hi-Tec Marketing; Genua Consult; Mobycon


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Original Publication Date: Wed 14 Dec 2011