The largest event in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems will take place next year in Hamburg, under the theme ‘Experience Future Mobility Now’. Up to 15,000 visitors and 3,500 international delegates are expected to visit Hamburg’s exhibition halls and Congress Center from 11–15 October 2021. If you are an expert in mobility, logistics and/or digitalisation, you have the opportunity to play an active role in the next ITS World Congress and bring a piece of future to the present.

The call for contributions is now open and you have until 11 January 2021 to submit your paper or presentation through the Submission Portal.
Contributions will only be accepted in English and can be submitted in the categories of Technical and Research Papers, Business Presentations and Session Proposals:

  • The Technical Papers section is for works that demonstrate both originality and cutting-edge technology;
  • Research Papers are expected to deliver brand new findings or solutions for known weak spots;
  • The Business Presentations section is for presenting services that aim to generate or improve a certain product, device or idea for the market;
  • Session topics that cover either individual projects or a broader range of areas can be submitted under Session Proposals.

Contributions must cover one of the six main ITS World Congress’ topics:
• Automated and Connected driving: the transition from human drivers to autonomous cars, buses and trains;
• Mobility services (mobility as a service and mobility on demand): combining a number of mobility services (such as taxis, bicycle hire, e-scooters, public transport) into a single service, and the development of new mobility applications;
• Goods journey from ports to customers: How can we make the journey from port to consumer more efficient and sustainable?
• Intelligent infrastructure: such as digitising physical infrastructure as well as using artificial intelligence to improve traffic flow;
• New services from new technologies: such as the use of unmanned drones;
• Sustainable solutions for cities and citizens: developing an ecologically sustainable and energy-efficient mobility system.

The results of the evaluation will be delivered by the end of March 2021.

Download the Call for Contributions Brochure here.