The Singapore Land Transport Authority, ITS America, ERTICO – ITS Europe and ITS Australia are organising the Global Forum on MaaS during the ITS World Congress on 22 October from 14:00 to 18:00. The Global Forum will explore how MaaS can enable greater and more efficient use of public and shared transport in cities with dense public transport landscapes.

In this context, this forum will look into the viability of MaaS business models and their potential for integration within and across various sectors; the ways in which MaaS can operate and integrate and the challenges that will be faced in such cities; and the technological challenges and solutions in the implementation of MaaS in these cities. The discussion will unearth potential benefits and hurdles with regard to whether MaaS products will be transformative additions to the overall transport offerings in such cities. The final session moderated by ITS Australia CEO Susan Harris, will gather the CEOs of the three regions organising of the ITS Congress, Shailen Bhatt – President and CEO of ITS America; Hajime Amano – President of ITS Japan and Secretary General of ITS Asia-Pacific; and Jacob Bangsgaard – CEO of ERTICO – ITS Europe and President of the MaaS Alliance.

The event is open to all participants in the ITS Congress but, as seats are limited, it is on a first-come, first-served basis.