This summer, the ERTICO-led 5G-MOBIX project, together with its sister projects 5GCroCo and 5G-CARMEN released a joint metastudy on 5G deployment based on their individual research into Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) connectivity needs and the corresponding 5G infrastructure investment required in different European cross-border corridors.

The three EU-funded projects shared the objective to create a sustainable future for cross-border CAM services using 5G as a core connectivity technology. Their individual deployment studies were conducted to give policymakers, private and public investors and relevant industry stakeholders an indication of the infrastructure and investment needed for 5G coverage for CAM, particularly in cross-border conditions or other safety-critical situations. As part of their studies, the projects analysed:

  • Traffic characteristics
  • Planned investments in infrastructure
  • “Delta” between deployment and currently planned investments
  • Network requirements
  • Market features

The metastudy also examined the technical, regulatory and institutional gaps as well as financial considerations and the opportunities that would be key to further invest in the development of the European 5G infrastructure across borders.

Download the metastudy here to read the detailed results.