Next generation integrated mobility solutions in urban settings will take center stage with the Smart Cities Pavilion at the 24th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS World Congress) in Montréal October 29-November 2, 2017. As the epicenter of special features at the five-day event produced by ITS America (ITSA) in conjunction with ITS Canada and co-organized by ITS Europe and ITS Asia-Pacific, the Pavilion will be experiential, allowing those who display to showcase their leadership and innovation and those who visit to see how cities across the globe are using technology to create their vision of how transportation is moving to the center of the Internet of Things (IoT).

With and through the themes of Urban Mobility, Engaged Citizenry, Smart Security, Economic Cluster and Smart Democracy, these dynamic demonstrations will showcase innovations related to traffic management, roadways, rail, parking, bike share, transit, care share, traveler information, connected and autonomous vehicles, integrated mobility, artificial intelligence, transportation dependence, equity issues, smart security, smart energy, smart buildings, smart healthcare, smart government, smart fleets, and much more.

To date, five of the most forward-thinking cities from around the globe will share the spotlight in this special exhibition area.

Christchurch, New Zealand: New Zealand is making a bold move into the future with the country’s first trial of a fully autonomous electric vehicle. Launched at Christchurch International Airport, the autonomous shuttle aligns with the nation’s efforts toward sustainability. To showcase its burgeoning reputation for transportation innovation, Christchurch will present a hands-on experience of its newest solutions on site at the show.

Columbus, Ohio: As the winner of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart Cities Challenge, this Midwest metropolis is a standout for its partnership with Ohio State University to develop citywide broadband access, autonomous vehicles and planes, precision agriculture through the use of drones, and a regional approach to economic development in underserved communities. The city’s efforts were recognized by the Intelligent Community Forum in 2015 with the Intelligent Community of the Year award. Columbus will present an interactive, experiential display highlighting smart innovations in healthcare delivery and wireless communications.

Copenhagen, Denmark: A pioneer in the bicycle-friendly Baltic region, Copenhagen has long been home to a highly advanced bike network. Now, this host of the 2018 ITS World Congress has taken its reputation as one of the best urban cycling centers to the next step with an innovative intelligent traffic signal system that replaces 380 traffic signals with intelligent lights to prioritize bike and bus traffic over automobiles, effectively shortening commute times and maximizing traffic flow throughout the city. Copenhagen will enlighten attendees in the Pavilion with a high-tech art experience, including a light and video display, showcasing their improvements to safety and citizenry via technology throughout the the entire Nordic region. 

Montréal, Canada: The host of ITS World Congress 2017, this city has a well-established reputation for intelligent transportation systems. Through its long-term focus on reducing dependence on cars and a major investment in public and active transportation, Montréal exemplifies integrated urban mobility solutions. For World Congress attendees, the city will welcome them with a 3D geographic experience highlighting smart technology and solutions that they can then experience directly throughout  Montréal.

Singapore: This modern Asian city, renowned for its cleanliness and sophistication, was also the winner of the Intelligent City Infrastructure Award in 2013. Thanks to its Electronic Road Pricing Systems, real-time traffic information delivered through GPS-enabled taxis, and its highly integrated public transportation system, Singapore boasts one of the lowest congestion rates in the world for a city of its size. Focusing on the theme “3D: Living, Working and Playing,” Singapore will showcase a variety of technological advancements that are improving quality of life for citizens of all ages.

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