AUTOPILOT will be speaking at this year’s HUMANIST Summer School. The Summer School intends to gather engineers, industrials, researchers, consultants, and public authority representatives active in transportation, the automotive industry, information and communication system design, ergonomics, psychology, sociology, as well as any other related fields. The Summer School will consist of lectures, discussions and practical exercises, involving and teaching participants in an interactive way.

AUTOPILOT representative Ms Nikolaou will deliver a presentation entitled “Infrastructure-based communication and interaction of the autonomous vehicle with vulnerable road users (cyclists, pedestrians)” on the second day of the Summer School. The presentation is particularly relevant to the collaborative perception concept that is being developed for the AUTOPILOT Versailles pilot site.

Interested in participating and hearing the presentation of Ms Nikolaou? Here’s some useful information to keep in mind:

Dates: 13th – 15th September 2017
Place: Vigo, Spain
Focus of the Summer School: Human factor issues for the future car autonomous experience
More information

The European Virtual Centre of Excellence HUMANIST is an association of research organisations that was established in 2007 in Lyon. It is composed of universities, research institutes and research intensive companies. HUMANIST aims to be a Virtual Center of Excellence in human machine interaction, human behaviour in traffic, intelligent transport systems, and vehicle automation. It regularly organises training courses, scientific workshops and summer schools for professionals in the area of road transport and information and communication technology

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