jupiLast 5th to 9th of October took place the 22nd version of the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, France, where Jupiter Project featured the European GNSS Village, a 250m2 exhibition area dedicated to showcase 20 Small and Medium Enterprises and 5 Local Authorities presenting innovative EGNSS-based solutions for the Intelligent Transporation Systems (ITS) Market.

These solutions covered a wide variety of topics, including: 1) Liability navigation & payment, 2) Traffic monitoring & transport management, 3) Smart city and transportation systems optimization, 4) Logistics & freight operations, 5) Mobility as a service and 6) Safety-critical solutions for autonomous & connected vehicles.

During this week, the SMEs and Local Authorities had the opportunity to present their solutions to a large range of public, including technical experts, general public, stakeholders, investors, a group of 10 Jupiter presents the European GNSS Village international delegations from different organisations around the globe. Furthermore, several live demonstrations showed the added value of EGNSS when applied to ITS mobility solutions.

In the frame of the event, two training sessions were held to promote the benefits of EGNSS technologies in the ITS sector. These sessions were dedicated to Administrators and Officers on the one hand, and to ITS Developers on the other. It was a great opportunity to share ideas and relevant aspects of the European GNSS and its efficiently use for the development of ITS Applications.

“The European GNSS Village was a unique opportunity for the JUPITER Project to demonstrate the many benefits of GNSS to key decision makers, public authorities and representatives of the global
ITS industry,” said Hanna-Kaisa Saari, Project Coordinator of JUPITER from Aerospace Valley. “Through these demonstrations and interactions, we were able to maximise the visibility and competitiveness of European GNSS to the ITS sector.”

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