Kapsch has been selected to provide the TETRA radio infrastructure for a new metro line (Line 4) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The project is the latest big win for Kapsch CarrierCom’s Public Transport Division.

Selected by project lead ENG to deliver the TETRA radio network, Kapsch will provide four base stations,30 in-train cab radios and 140 hand-held portable radios. The TETRA network will be delivered by Kapsch from planning, design and deployment, to integration with existing communications systems on other metro lines.

With 15 trains serving six major stations, the new Line 4 will take more than 2,000 cars off the road at peak times, helping to resolve some of the city’s worst traffic bottlenecks. The line will be open before the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, helping hundreds of thousands of sports fans reach their destinations quickly, safely and in comfort.

KCC Metro-Rio trainKari Kapsch, CEO of Kapsch CarrierCom, says, “We are excited to be working on this major infrastructure project lead by ENG for Rio de Janeiro metro, one of the Latin America’s fastest-growing and most dynamic cities. With a sound understanding of the communications needs of public transport operators in the region, and extensive experience of planning, building and operating TETRA networks, we are ideally positioned to deliver this mission-critical solution in time for the 2016 Olympic Games.”

Cristiano De Mendonça, CTO MetrôRio, says, “Kapsch was able to design a solution that met our specific needs, in terms of functionality, delivery times and costs. The TETRA radio network is a critical element of this historic project and Kapsch offers exactly the skills, technology and commitment we need to ensure that services on the new Line 4 run smoothly and safely during the Olympic Games and long into the future.”

This project with ENG and Rio de Janeiro Line 4 follows a major € 9.5 million contract win in Newcastle, England, where Kapsch is providing a TETRA network for the Tyne and Wear Metro, which is owned by Nexus. “Increasingly, Kapsch is being recognised as a leader in the delivery of communications infrastructure for public transport operators,” says Wolfgang Leindecker, Vice President Public Transport and Machine Networks at Kapsch CarrierCom. “With extensive experience of delivering telecommunications systems in the transport sector andin-depth understanding of specific public transport operator requirements, we can help public transport companies optimise their communications, wherever in the world they operate.”




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