Kapsch TrafficCom AG announces the acquisition of Schneider Electric’s Transportation Business. The company, formerly operating under Telvent Tráfico y Transporte, is a leading provider of real-time IT solutions and best-in-class intelligent transportation systems complementary to those provided by Kapsch.

The acquisition expands the Kapsch portfolio and strengthens its market position in intelligent transport systems, especially in the growth markets of Spain, Latin America, North America and the Middle East.

According to Georg Kapsch, CEO of Kapsch TrafficCom, “Urbanisation is an accelerating megatrend that demands for innovative action. Our new integrated traffic management portfolio will make both urban and highway transportation safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly by improving traffic flow and providing real-time data to motorists.” He added that Kapsch believes that the combined entities will be a major contribution to resolve the embedded operating challenges for municipalities around the globe. “Schneider Electric and Kapsch will continue to maximise business opportunities in the Smart Cities arena”, says Mike Hughes, EVP Strategic Customers & Segments for Schneider Electric.

Kapsch will expand its expertise in traffic management solutions by integrating Schneider’s EcoTrafix™ a comprehensive solution for real-time traffic management in cities, into the existing portfolio. The EcoTrafix system is running mainly in Northern and Southern America as well as in Spain. The system is used for improving traffic conditions and access corridors as well as for providing real-time information services about the traffic situation to road users. The integration will not affect operating systems. The newly acquired EcoTrafix is a perfect addition to DYNAC, Kapsch’s advanced traffic management system (ATMS). DYNAC is mainly used on highways and long distance roads. The high performance, integrated software suite, is designed to monitor and control traffic on roads and tunnels.

Further, Georg Kapsch adds: ”This acquisition perfectly matches our Strategy 2020 of enabling exceptional user experience through intelligent mobility solutions from the highway to the city.” The broadening of the domain knowledge allows Kapsch to make transport safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Source: Kapsch TrafficCom

Photo: Public domain license