Today’s transport management requires full integration of traffic and mobility services, which has been considered separately and in a unique way. Travelers need real-time information about transport options and multimodal route alternatives, including booking and payment services. Authorities and mobility operators need to manage traffic in real-time, based on current events and provide fast assistance in case of emergencies. At the Intertraffic Amsterdam, Kapsch demonstrated how this is made possible by modal shift and traffic management. These are integral elements that combine several solutions into one platform.

Kapsch developed two solutions: ExoTrafiX™ and  FluidHub. While ExoTrafiX™ helps to reduce travel time and carbon emissions while improving travelers’ safety, the cloud-based service solution FluidHub, which is the smart connecting part in the Mobility-as-a-Service ecosystem,  integrates and connects data gathered and managed via ExoTrafiX™ and allows mobility service providers to offer optimized mobility packages.

By integrating all traffic data from both vehicles and infrastructure into a real-time dynamic visualization approach, authorities and operators can optimize traffic. They benefit from decision support for reactive response to incidents and events, in addition to multi-agency coordination.

Source: Kapsch