The municipality of Druskininkai in Lithuania recently held a seminar together with a national disability organisation to discuss the development of its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP).

Druskininkai invited representatives from the Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities (LAPD) to introduce them to and involve them in its SUMP.

The seminar discussed how to more effectively adapt transport infrastructure for people with special needs, and included a presentation by LAPD co-ordinator Ginta Žemaitaitytė on mobility problems faced by people with disabilities, and solutions.

Introducing tactile surfaces, information in Braille and highly visible marked parts of sidewalks and steps not only help the visually impaired focus on their immediate environment, but also comply with the principles of sustainable mobility, said Ms Žemaitaitytė.

Druskininkai is currently in the early stages of its SUMP development. The Lithuanian national budget priorities for 2014-2020 contain dedicated budget lines for supporting SUMP development including training and information services.

Cities are expected to prepare the plan themselves, but plans will be agreed upon by a National SUMP Commission (made up of representatives from Transport Ministry, Environmental Ministry, Lithuanian Road Association, Lithuanian Cyclists Association, and Lithuanian Disability Association.

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