1280px-Suurkirkko_Helsinki_maaliskuu_2002_IMG_0629The Finnish Transport Safety Agency is proposing lower tax bills for motorists if they offer up empty seats to travellers going in the same direction.

In a new report which examines how innovative transport policies could help Finland to meet social and economic objectives, the authors point out that single-person cars are an inefficient method of moving people and goods.

 The agency notes that with some legislative changes, coupled with the offer of up to € 2 000 less in tax per year, car drivers could be convinced to offer seats in their cars to commuters travelling on the same route.
If the practice became wide-spread, it would help to lower the number of vehicles on the roads, reducing traffic congestion and environmental impact. ‘We hope that the government will start to promote a culture of experimentation,’ said Harri Paloheimo, one of the report’s co-authors.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons