Led by ERTICO, the MODALES project can help you lower your driving emissions and even save money along the way through its Low-Emission Driving Awareness Campaign, which provides useful and practical tips aimed at drivers, and more specifically drivers of petrol and diesel cars.

To achieve its vision to substantially curb air pollution from all types of road vehicles, MODALES has developed a campaign available in 11 languages to encourage drivers to adopt good practices to improve air quality in urban areas and reduce emissions.

The tips comprise simple steps to take before driving, when driving, and also include recommendations on proper car maintenance. The tips cover tyres, which routes to select and why, the best behaviour to adopt when speeding, how to best care for a car to reduce emissions, and much more.

Discover all the tips and why they can help tackle air pollution here.

The awareness campaign is led by MODALES consortium member FIA and with the active participation of ERITCO and other project partners, as well as several FIA members (automobile clubs). The tips are regularly shared on social media (Twitter and LinkedIn) with #MODALEStips, so be sure to check them there too!

The MODALES project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 815189.