The MaaS Alliance is expanding its membership to the four corners of the world, with new members joining from South America and the Asia-Pacific regions. In order to reflect this international dimension of the organisation, a Global Advisory Board was invited to bring inputs and share regional developments to support the MaaS Alliance strategy and Board.

The members of the Global Advisory Board were invited to support the strategic decision-making of the MaaS Alliance Board and they could also be invited to advise on specific regional topics. They will also act as ambassadors for MaaS and MaaS Alliance within their regions helping the MaaS Alliance to increase its position outside Europe. The appointed members are Ishra Baksh, Executive Director, Department of Transport and Main Roads of Queensland (Australia); Esteban Galuzzi, external consultant for the City of Buenos Aires, former Mobility Management Undersecretary of City of Buenos Aires (Argentina); Yuichiro Tokunaga, Executive Officer, Director General, JR East (Japan); and Tim Haile, Executive Director, Contra Costa Transportation Authority (Unites States of America).

The Global Advisory Board reflects the global reach of the MaaS Alliance geographically and it is also a sectorial representation of the membership.

In their first online meeting, the Global Advisory Board highlighted the MaaS trends and policies in the different regions that will have considerable impact for the development of MaaS market and ecosystem in 2021 and within the next five years. They also identified the most active stakeholder groups whose presence is missing currently from the MaaS market, as well as the common challenges experienced in the creating partnerships and ecosystems for MaaS. Priorities and gaps in knowledge, partnerships or funding were also discussed.

The Global Advisory Board will meet twice per year, together with the Board of the MaaS Alliance. These exchange of views are of great value for all the members of the MaaS Alliance helping the organisation to the next phase and create future collaborations and opportunities across the world.