HERE Technologie announces that Autoliv, the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, is using HERE Speed Limits, Fleet Telematics and Weather APIs (application programming interfaces) for its Connected Safety Services. Autoliv has pioneered automotive safety since 1953. The company is now developing Connected Safety Services, which aim to tackle another crucial factor for road fatalities: driving behaviour.

With Autoliv Driver Safety Score software, real-time data from the driver’s smartphone is used to analyze driving styles and recommend improvements in four key areas: speed, focus, smoothness and turns. Autoliv Driver Safety Score software can be used by fleet managers and insurance companies to offer lower premiums through reductions in risky driving behaviour.

HERE map data and location services help add context – weather, road regulations, traffic congestion – to the information collected from phone and vehicle sensors, making Autoliv’s recommendations comprehensive and truly personal. Autoliv is integrating HERE map data and services, with the ability to include further attributes in its analysis such as road curve radius, slope, height, traffic signage, lane count, physical dividers and road roughness.

‘The Safety Score monitors drivers’ real-time behaviour, compares them against algorithms based on known causes of accidents, and provides the user with a personalized safe driver score. You can then review your data and learn ways to raise your score, change your habits and become a safer driver. HERE Speed Limits, Fleet Telematics and Weather APIs provide us with the context we need to assess the behaviour of a driver,’ said Christoffer Malm, Director of Digital and Mobility at Autoliv. 

‘We are proud to contribute to Autoliv’s vision of saving more lives. Our data and services have been an integral part of the automotive industry for the past decades, and we are happy to see that they can also be of use to insurance companies and fleet managers and help make mobility safer,’ said Gino Ferru, General Manager and Senior Vice President at HERE Technologies. 

Source: HERE