On 9 September, Mediamobile, leading provider of broadcast traffic information in Europe and operator of V-Traffic services, announced a new European RDS-TMC offering for automakers and OEMs.


The mass-market adoption of factory-fitted navigation systems has raised customer expectations for easy-access, real-time traffic information. Yet most equipment available on the European market only offers traffic information services for one or at best a handful of countries. Mediamobile and partners have responded to this demand by launching a V-Traffic RDS-TMC service for Europe with the broadest coverage currently available, including 19 countries within the same offering.


A unique product providing a continuous traffic service in Europe

Mediamobile’s new V-Traffic offering has been developed in partnership with four major European traffic information providers – Be-Mobile, Trafficmaster, Infoblu and TrafficNav – and provides reliable information across 19 countries populated by over 420 million Europeans. The countries include: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom.


By supplementing the new V-Traffic service with existing public services in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Spain, motorists can enjoy uninterrupted RDS-TMC traffic information in 25 EU countries from the North Sea to the Mediterranean.


Automotive and equipment manufacturers can now purchase traffic information in all countries covered by the new service via a single contract, a simplified pricing model and a single point of contact for commercial inquiries, technical support and quality assurance. Automakers can save time and money while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction by offering reliable, high-performance navigation assistance.


Motorists can enjoy free-to-use, lifetime traffic information covering the whole of Europe as part of the purchase price of their new car. No extra fees, no roaming charges, no annual subscriptions. Even better, RDS-TMC technology provides motorists with a service in their own language wherever they travel – and last but not least, total user anonymity.


With detailed knowledge of their respective countries, staff in 14 local offices and traffic information centres reliably and efficiently deliver the information motorists need to travel comfortably and safely, with timely updates on traffic congestion, accidents, road works, road closures, tourist events, weather conditions, wild animal warnings and much more. Monitoring and quality measurement tools developed by Mediamobile and partners ensure consistent quality of service.


V-Traffic RDS-TMC opens the door to hybrid services

V-Traffic RDS-TMC is a perfect foundation for hybrid solutions combining RDS-TMC, DAB-TPEG and Internet-based technologies. By combining multiple channels and always making use of the best network available, automotive manufacturers can ensure their customers receive high-quality traffic information wherever they are.


Mediamobile and partners also provide connected services, as well as DAB-TPEG where the technology is available.


Well-established technology backed by a rich variety of sources

Mediamobile and partners boast a rich network of sources, including government and private providers as well as millions of probe vehicles. The RDS-TMC network provides excellent coverage throughout Europe, and the local relevance of the information is constantly improving.


RDS-TMC technology is a robust, well-established European standard with the capacity to distribute information reliably to millions of cars at the same time. It remains the only medium for delivering mass-market services to navigation systems and GPS devices that are free at the point of use (i.e. without mobile data plans or roaming fees), for the full lifetime of the vehicle, and at all travel speeds.


For more details please visit the Mediamobile website.