This is the first meeting of this Working Group after its revival and renaming last year. Recently by Decision CEN/TC 278 010/2014, taken on 2014-07-04, preliminary Work Item 00278361 was activated. Title of the Work Item: “Intelligent transport systems – Transport network ITS spatial data exchange framework”. The Work Item concerns the transformation of the ROSATTE specification into a CEN Technical Specification. In the WG meeting the plan and schedule for the work on this Work Item will be discussed and set.

The scope of the Work Item: “Specification of a framework for an efficient and quality-ensured supply chain for information on safety-related static road attributes, from public authorities to commercial map providers and other road data users, with a focus on changes in the concerned attributes rather than full data sets. Preliminary work was carried out in the EU-funded ROSATTE project. The intended framework will consist of the following parts: (1) a conceptual specification of the data content (the information model); (2) a physical exchange format to specify a coding for the various types of data listed under the conceptual model; (3) a service specification to facilitate the actual data flow between the various actors. The specification will be aligned with INSPIRE as an extension for ITS spatial data of the theme Transport Networks, while adding elements that are essential for ITS spatial data but not currently offered by INSPIRE, such as maintenance of the data, quality control and location referencing.”

Original author: Kees Wevers