Introduction of new “emotach” on-board unit

Following the successful conclusion of the one-year pilot phase the LSVA system operator will be replacing the existing first-generation units (Tripon) which have been in use for approximately ten years with new on-board units (emotach) from 1 January 2011. As a result all Tripon units currently in use will be replaced with emotach units by the end of 2012. The switch will be carried out during a regular workshop visit. The system operator will cover the cost of the emotach unit as well as the work associated with the replacement. The new on-board units will be in use at least until 2021.

The system supplier is Siemens Solutions and Services AG in Zurich with sub-supplier Continental in Villingen/Schwenningen for the on-board unit.



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Original Publication Date: Fri 17 Dec 2010