This year’s ITS European Congress will take place in Strasbourg, France, on June 19-21. The Congress highlights the latest developments in intelligent transport systems (ITS), with demonstrations, special interest sessions, panel debates, workshops and more.

The NeMo Project will be participating at the Congress with a Special Interest Session (SIS) on “Seamless provision of electromobility services as a prerequisite for deployment of electromobility”. For more information, see below:

SIS47 – Seamless provision of electromobility services as a prerequisite for deployment of electromobility

Topic: ITS and the environment

Where: Madrid 1

When: 22 June 2017 (09:00 – 10:30)

Organiser & Moderator: Dr. Angelos Amditis (ICCS)


Sébastien Albertus (Renault)

Christian Hahn   (Hubject)

Volker Fricke (IBM)

Jean-Charles Pandazis (ERTICO)


The lack of standardisation regarding information exchange and services provision for electromobility makes communication among involved actors very difficult. This limits the potential for interoperable and seamless electromobility services to a wider public, a wider range of actors, and a wider geographic area, thus hindering wider EV market introduction. Currently, electromobility services are offered by providers that use custom data models to exchange and store information, while the existing eRoaming platforms are not interoperable. This session will present the results of an analysis of the customers’ needs as regards interoperable electromobility services and the current work undertaken towards developing harmonised information models for each electromobility object and data category based on existing standards, which will support the seamless data exchange between actors and the interoperability of services. The session will present the approach towards developing an open European Inter-Roaming protocol, to merge all relevant electromobility market actors (CPOs, EMPs, navigation service providers, energy actors, etc.), which will be based on existing and widely used European roaming protocols combined with the requirements of global standardisation norms and enriched by insights of international standardisation and harmonisation organisations and best practices out of the market. Additionally, the session will highlight the work towards developing an open marketplace for developing and offering interoperable electromobility services, which will enable service developers to rapidly create new electromobility services that will be interoperable, and thus open to a wider market, and to register their own services and make them available to a wider public. Finally, the work towards achieving consensus among key stakeholders in order to foster seamless and valuable EV customer experience in Europe will be outlined.

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