ERTICO-coordinated ADASIS, a global open group representing the vehicle manufacturers, navigation system manufacturers, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) manufacturers and map database suppliers, releases the new specification v3.1.0 to the public, which will support Automated Driving.

This new improved version available last year to ADASIS members was developed to enable Automated Driving by providing new and more accurate features like detailed lane modelling and line geometry, additional data (e.g., landmarks), etc. with a resolution of 0.01 meter instead of 1.0 meter in former v2.0.4 version.

‘The success and use of ADASIS specification is matching the needs of the automotive industry worldwide. Such a standard enables innovative and predictive systems to access, in an efficient way map and other related data ahead of the vehicle. After version 2 already in use, version 3 will support automated driving,’ said Jean-Charles Pandazis, Senior Manager at ERTICO and ADASIS Coordinator highlighting the importance of this new specification and up-coming versions for automated driving applications.

ADASIS members are currently finalising version v3.2 (Q1/2021) which includes among other extended list of traffic signs, localization objects like obstacles and traffic sign face, and a fully defined Application API. Version v3.2 will be a robust version, ready to be used by autonomous-driving-software developers.

The ADASIS v3.1.0 specification can be requested from the ADASIS website.