Session Track: SIS 36 “Public procurement of innovation: The final step to ITS deployment?”

Many ITS technologies are ready to be deployed by public operators, but public procurement processes are not necessarily innovation-friendly. Different levels and actors have to be considered to ensure that public procurement is a fertile ground for innovation in Europe. The goal of this session will therefore be to discuss the experts’ views on different innovation approaches, find out how innovations can currently be best deployed through public procurement, and present experiences from procurers who have tried to find the right match between public goals and procurement instruments.

Jose Manuel Martinez Oliveira, Centro Tecnológico de la Automoción de Galicia – CTAG, Spain

Sébastien Mure – ERTICO – ITS Europe (Project manager) (Belgium)

– Eva Buchinger – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (Austria)
– Svend Tofting – North Denmark Region (Denmark)
– Jean-Christophe Maisonobe – Isère General Council (France)
– Jean-Philippe Méchin – Ministère de l’écologie, du développement durable et de l’énergie (France)
– Francisco Sanchez – Centro Tecnológico de la Automoción de Galicia – CTAG (Spain)
– Sampsa Nissinen – Tekes (Finland)
– Kari Hiltunen – Liikennevirasto (Finland)


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