3 April 2013

PARC Software Helps Auto Manufacturers Provide Smart Safe Personalized Driving

Palo Alto CA — PARC a Xerox company announced significant advancements in its Contextual Intelligence (CI) Innovation Group which has been working within a variety of industries for more than a decade. The program now includes a strong automotive focus and provides software solutions for the auto industry to deliver a smarter safer and more personalized driving experience.

“The automotive industry is experiencing unprecedented technology advancements and we’re excited to be an integral part of it” said Stephen Hoover CEO PARC. “Soon cars will anticipate drivers’ needs stay connected and aware and get to know more about what drivers need in the context of their situation. PARC’s work in contextual intelligence represents disruptive innovation at its best and is set to make a significant impact on the automotive industry. The connected vehicle exemplifies one of the first real-world applications of the Internet of Things the most significant advancement in distributed computing since the invention of the Internet itself.”

As interactive and personalization features for vehicles become more prevalent and desired by drivers automakers are looking to build innovative cars that ‘learn’ about their owners. PARC’s breakthrough software delivers a unified communications platform of smart information feeds and prioritization of a driver’s messages including email Facebook Twitter text and more. Through real-time monitoring of these messages over time via a secure cloud-based platform the car learns and defines who and what is important (such as the driver’s boss) which information has the most value to the driver at that time (such as an important meeting) and then predicts and prioritizes pertinent messages for delivery. With safety top of mind the software reasons and identifies when and where messages can be received as not to interfere with or distract the driver.

In addition to the cloud-based software platform PARC offers a personalized driving experience utilizing years of research IP and algorithms rooted deeply in rigorous scientific research. From implementing infotainment services and content personalization to leveraging sensor-based ‘user’ intelligence PARC provides OEMs and suppliers with proven technology to build a car that helps drivers stay connected. Whether commuting vacationing or carpooling PARC technology implemented by automakers can help drivers find the right song at the right time locate the nearest oil change with a discount or know where to get a cup of coffee making sure safety remains the number one priority.

“It’s happened to all of us you’re running late for a meeting traffic is a mess and you’re low on gas and maybe you’ve forgotten to eat lunch” said Oliver Brdiczka Manager of Contextual Intelligence PARC. “Imagine your car being aware of your meeting your destination the current traffic situation and the level of your gas tank. Based on your calendar typical behavior and other personal ‘data’ points your car can offer an efficient route a convenient gas station and a quick bite to eat. Your car can even let your meeting companions know you are running late. This all happens without your hands ever leaving the wheel and the car knows how to inform you at the right time so safety is maintained.”

Jatinder Singh PARC’s Director of Mobile Innovation Strategy will present PARC’s CI innovations for the automotive industry on April 12 at the Autotech Council meeting’s “V2X: The Networked Car” in Santa Clara CA.

To learn more about implementing PARC’s CI software solutions for interactive vehicle projects please contact PARC business development at engage@parc.com.

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Original Publication Date: Tue 23 Apr 2013