The European Parliament’s Committee on Transport called on the European Commission for a second time in the same year to come forward with binding legislation on how vehicle data is accessed. FIA Region I welcomes this position and now expects the Commission to deliver within this mandate as a matter of urgency.

Laurianne Krid, Director General at FIA Region I said: “The Commission is failing to deliver for consumers and the automotive aftermarket. Without specific legislation that ensures choice and fair competition, consumers will be left worse off as a result of existing data access models being brought to market by car makers. Now is the time for action, we don’t have a second to waste.”

The Parliament’s TRAN Committee voted in favour of a ‘robust regulatory regime’ being put in place by 1 January 2020 and for a clear strategy that ensures a technology neutral approach to accessing vehicle data.

Earlier this week, a new study by the AFCAR coalition – that FIA Region I is a member of – highlighted that today all the data access systems developed by car makers fail to deliver the necessary data for service providers to offer mobility solutions and that some car makers are cashing in on the need for data by applying substantial costs on service providers.

At the launch event for the above mentioned study, the Commission’s own research unit, the JRC, also highlighted that the server-based approach backed by some cars makers “ensures their data access monopoly and enables them to maximizes revenue from data and data-driven aftersales services… It reduces welfare for drivers and aftersales service providers.” (For more information see the JRC, 2018, study here).

Source: FIA