Webinar: Cross-Continental Learning Lab for Innovation Procurement: “Approaches in Europe and Canada”
25 November 2014, 15:30-17:30 Brussels time (GMT +2)


The webinar will provide an overview on the background, legal framework and current good-practice examples of PCP projects and initiatives around Europe in comparison to the approaches implemented in Canada.

Speakers will give an insight on already implemented PCP/PPI projects and programs, the lessons learned from the previous initiatives and the future prospects and challenges of PCP. Furthermore the webinar should enable mutual learning and the discussion on possible cooperation areas.

Speakers include Peter Bown, Build in Canada Innovation Program; Ruben Prins, Consultant Innovation & Procurement at Agentschap NL; and Lisa Silvermark, Swedisch Transport Administration. The webinar will be moderated by Katharina Zwick, AustriaTech.

Herewith the agenda Agenda_PCP_Webinar—update-28.10.2014.pdf

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