The Slovakian city of Prešov has announced that an electric vehicle charging station will be installed in the city in the coming year, marking a major step towards integrating e-mobility into the city’s transport mix.

‘In these fast paced and hectic times, where we see more and more vehicles being concentrated into a limited space, it is necessary to give our attention to vehicles that produce a minimal amount of air pollutants,’ said Mayor of Prešov Pavel Hagyari.

In addition to the announcement, Mayor Hagyari signed a memorandum on the promotion of electromobility in Prešov, agreeing to develop necessary infrastructure and technological requirements through working with private and public bodies, including the Slovak Association for Electromobility and Energy Company Východoslovenská energetika a.s.

Prešov follows in the footsteps of fellow Slovakian cities Kosice, Poprad, Štós, Nitra and Bratislava, which have also launched charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Together, these cities form a reliable charging network in the country, instilling greater confidence in potential electric vehicle purchasers.

Original author: Alexia