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Mr Alessandro Coda receives the 2015 iMobility “Excellence in ITS Achievement” Award


Bordeaux, 7 October 2015 – The 2015 iMobility “Excellence in ITS Achievement” Award ceremony took place at the European Commission Stand during the ITS World Congress, in Bordeaux on Wednesday 7 October 2015 at 5.30pm.

Lina Konstantinopoulou, iMobility Support Coordinator, welcomed the attendees and highlighted the importance of the iMobility Award in recognising and promoting ambitious and innovative iMobility deployments, paving the way to safe, smart and clean road mobility.

Presiding over the Award Ceremony, she congratulated all 14 nominees, paying tribute to their high calibre and professionalism before giving the floor to Wolfgang Höfs from the European Commission DG-CONNECT who handed over the Award to the winner.

Alessandro Coda of EUCAR (European Council for Automotive R&D) was rewarded by the European Commission, DG CONNECT, for his work in defining the roadmaps of future ITS research.

Alessandro is Research Coordinator and Acting Director at EUCAR where he coordinates the research and innovation activities of the European vehicle manufacturers. He is also Chairman of the Research and Innovation (R&I) working group of the iMobility Forum.

Mr. Coda worked on the harmonised roadmaps to support the EU policy priorities for Horizon 2020 and beyond, during the 5th Plenary Meeting of the iMobility Forum in January 2015. The outcome was the result of more than one-year work of the working groups that identified European activities for research and development, large pilot scale actions, standardisation and deployment in seven main areas. The final results took into account the input received through an open Public Consultation on the web and dedicated workshops with the main related stakeholders: European Commission, OEMs, Suppliers, Public Authorities, Academia, Research organisations, Municipalities, Service and content providers, Transport and Motorways operators, Users associations, and Telecom operators.

Alessandro Coda thanked all the DGs of the European Commission, EUCAR and also ERTICO –ITS Europe. Although he was grateful for the work performed in the past, Mr. Coda urged the ITS community to focus on the future and called upon all stakeholders to continue to work together to effectively deploy ITS in Europe.

Note to editor

About iMobility Forum

imobility logoThe iMobility Forum is an open and independent public-private platform with 228 unique organisation members. Established in 2002, the iMobility Forum is chaired by the European Commission and co-chaired by ERTICO – ITS Europe, ASECAP and ACEA. The Forum provides a platform for all ITS stakeholders in Europe to develop, implement and monitor work program linked to road maps and international cooperation for the successful development and deployment of ITS.

The iMobility Forum aims for safe, smart and clean mobility with zero accidents, zero delays, no negative impact on the environment and connected and informed citizens, where products and services are affordable and seamless, privacy is respected and security is provided.

The Forum has established 9 active working groups (Automation WG, Probe data WG, Safe Apps WG, HMI WG, Legal Issues WG, Research and Innovation WG, Implementation Road maps WG, International Cooperation WG and Vulnerable road users WG). The iMobility Forum WGs have developed and are continuously refining recommendations for work items especially in the context of future R&D work to support the deployment of ITS.

About iMobility Support

iMobility Support is a project co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. It fosters the deployment of intelligent mobility in Europe by organising the iMobility Forum activities, including stakeholder networking, deployment support, awareness raising and dissemination of results of ICT for smart, safe and clean mobility (mainly cooperative ITS).

The project supports the iMobility Forum constituencies and activities, it monitors the deployment of iMobility priority systems, it encourages the usage of Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) for ITS, it supports and reports on ITS standardisation, it identifies certification needs, it fosters the deployment of the European eCall system, and it supports international collaboration where needed.

Project Timeline: 1 January 2013 – 30 December 2015

Project Budget: € 1,449,000

Project Website:

For more information on the project, please contact:

Lina Konstantinopoulou Head of Department,

Transport & Logistics

Tel: 0032 02 400 07 14


For all media enquiries, please contact:
Maria De Rycke

Tel: 0032 02 400 07 40


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