Target group

Citizens, local or regional public authorities, national public authorities, public and private transport operators, multimodal travel information service providers, associations, non-Government organisations, civil society organisations, companies, academia, and various actors along the travel information data value/service chain who have an interest in the issue of provision and usage of multimodal travel information services.

Objective of the consultation

The objective of this public consultation is to collect the opinions of stakeholders and interested parties including EU citizens and private and public organisations and gain (quantitative) evidence on the issues related to the provision of EU-wide multimodal travel information services. The replies submitted to this public consultation will be taken into consideration for the development of the relevant specifications within the frame of the ITS Directive.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) can significantly contribute to a more sustainable, safer and efficient transport system and the ITS Directive was adopted to accelerate the deployment of these innovative transport technologies across Europe. The ITS Directive provides for the adoption of functional, technical and organisational specifications in the form of a delegated act to ensure the compatibility, interoperability and continuity for the deployment and operational use of EU-wide multimodal travel information services (Priority Action “A” of the ITS Directive). This delegated act will be a binding policy measure laying down provisions containing requirements or any other relevant rules to be followed in the case of deployment.

These specifications will be aimed at ensuring interoperable travel data and services, where possible based on existing standards and technology. At present, multimodal information services across Europe lack interoperability and are fragmented in terms of what they offer including modal and geographical coverage, real-time information and quality levels. This initiative is expected to contribute to EU-wide continuity and harmonised delivery of multimodal travel information services. This in turn is expected to encourage a positive modal shift to sustainable modes of transport and therefore improve the efficiency of Europe’s transport network management.

The scope of these specifications does not include integrated multimodal ticketing; however this remains a long term vision of the European Commission.

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