SAFE STRIP, the three-year Horizon 2020 project begun on 1 May 2017, has released a User Needs Survey to identify stakeholder needs and formulate primary use cases that will define the context and development of the project.


SAFE STRIP aims to introduce ground-breaking technology that will embed C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems) applications in existing road infrastructure, including novel I2V (Infrastructure to Vehicle) and V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure), as well as VMS (Variable Message Sign) / VSL (Variable Speed Limit) functions into low-cost, integrated strip markers on the road.

The vision is to make roads self-explanatory (with personalised in-vehicle messages) and forgiving (due to advanced cooperative functions) for all road users, such as trucks, cars and vulnerable road users (i.e. Powered Two Wheelers) and all vehicle generations (non-equipped, C-ITS equipped, autonomous). The objective is also to bring about reduced maintenance cost, full recyclability and added value services, as well as to support real-time predictive road maintenance functions.

About the questionnaire

This survey is designed for a broad public comprising road users, service providers, policy makers and researchers (i.e. drivers, riders, OEMs, road infrastructure operators and constructors, public authorities, tier 1 & 2 suppliers, transport-related service providers, ITS associations, experts and researchers).

The objective of the survey is to understand the needs of the stakeholders addressed by the SAFE STRIP project and formulate the primary use cases that will define the project context and upcoming development.

Respondents will be presented with questions specific to the stakeholder cluster they belong to.

Completing the questionnaire should take no more than 15-20 minutes of your time.

The survey will be open until 30 September 2017.

Please complete the questionnaire here.

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