In the context of the iMobility Forum R&I Workshop, the iMobility Forum is organising a public consultation called “iMobility Forum roadmaps and contribution to Horizon 2020 Work programs and beyond“.

The iMobility Forum R&I WG is currently preparing material for the broad open consultation of the proposed R&I roadmaps in order to provide the research needs for 2016-2017.

Through this web public consultation, the iMobility Forum is seeking your views and feedback on the development of the harmonised roadmaps which are presented in 7 areas:
1) Logistics
2) Automation
3) Vulnerable Road Users
4) Mobility & Efficiency
5) Safety
6) Socio-Economic, Behavioural and HMI
7) Cooperative-ITS

To participate in this public consultation, please click here.

How to submit your contribution
Please fill in those questions where you have expertise. If not, please continue by pressing ‘Next’. The survey takes only a few minutes to complete and will provide us with valuable feedback to identify areas of activity, timing of the start, the duration of the activity, and the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL).

Period of consultation
The consultation will be open from 8th December 2014 to 12 January 2015.

Next steps
After closure of the public consultation, the iMobility Forum will analyse and process the replies received. The outcomes of the public consultation will be communicated and discussed with stakeholders at the iMobility Forum R&I WG workshop on 27 January 2015.


About iMobility Forum
The iMobility Forum is an open and independent public-private platform with 228 unique organisation members. Established in 2002, the iMobility Forum is chaired by the European Commission and co-chaired by ERTICO – ITS Europe, ASECAP and ACEA. The Forum provides a platform for all ITS stakeholders in Europe to develop, implement and monitor work program linked to roadmaps and international cooperation for the successful development and deployment of ITS.

The iMobility Forum aims for safe, smart and clean mobility with zero accidents, zero delays, no negative impact on the environment and connected and informed citizens, where products and services are affordable and seamless, privacy is respected and security is provided.

The Forum has established 10 active working groups (Automation WG, Probe data WG, Safe Apps WG, HMI WG, Legal Issues WG, Research and Innovation WG, Implementation Road maps WG, and Vulnerable road users WG). The iMobility Forum WGs have developed and are continuously refining recommendations for work items especially in the context of future R&D work to support the deployment of ITS.

About iMobility Support
iMobility Support is a 3-year support action that fosters the deployment of intelligent mobility in Europe by organising the iMobility Forum activities, including stakeholder networking, deployment support, awareness raising and dissemiantin fo results of ICT for smart, safe and clean mobility.