It is no surprise that congestion and air pollution are among the main issues that cities in Europe and around the globe have to address.

According to the European Commission, urban mobility accounts for 40 % of all CO2 emissions of road transport and up to 70 % of other pollutants from transport in Europe, while congestion is often located in and around urban areas and costs nearly EUR 100 billion, or 1 % of the EU’s GDP, annually.

As Europe’s thought leader in Smart Mobility, ERTICO sees that cities are more and more challenged on meeting the demands of the transport users and at the same time solving the future challenges when it comes to new mobility services and the congestion challenges for the urban areas, but also managing the mobility system and investing in the adequate infrastructure.

At the Smart City Expo and World Congress, which took place from 19 to 21 November in Barcelona, ERTICO met with the world’s leading mobility stakeholders to contribute to shaping new mobility solutions for Europe’s urban areas.

Being at the forefront when it comes to decarbonisation, traffic management, advanced mobility services and new mobility solutions for urban air mobility, Mobility as a Service and automation, ERTICO took part in the event to present its current Smart Mobility solutions and vision for a safer, greener and more efficient urban transport.

“ERTICO will work even closer with cities in the future, as much of the innovation in the mobility sector is happening in urban areas”, said ERTICO CEO Jacob Bangsgaard. “Being in Barcelona was a great opportunity for us to meet the stakeholders that we work with today and some that we will work with in the future. We also had the opportunity to promote some of the upcoming ERTICO events and congresses, which will bring together European and the world leaders in Smart Mobility to continue these discussions”, he added.

In support of the many ongoing urban mobility activities, ERTICO also met with plenty of Partners, including new Member Ubiwhere. “Ubiwhere will definitely be one of the Partners we will work with when it comes to mobility data and management. Their solutions and activities, in combination with other ERTICO Partners’ activities, can indeed support the work on some of the urban mobility challenges that we have”, concluded Mr. Bangsgaard.

“For Ubiwhere, Smart City Expo World Congress is the leading event for Smart Cities. Ubiwhere has participated in exhibition congresses all around the world, but Barcelona remains the go-to place for us to showcase our capabilities and present our aspirations to become an international reference in this topic. It allows us as an SME to stand out amongst huge market players, and impress our customers and partners while welcoming our friends and colleagues to the friendly home (not booth) we have built and prepared for that week in Catalonia.”, said Rui A Costa, CEO Ubiwhere.

Today’s challenges can be overcome by working together: with this perspective, ERTICO also met with EIT Urban Mobility, which the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, highly involved in urban mobility strategies.

EIT is another stakeholders group with whom ERTICO will work more in the future when it comes to urban mobility and space planning.

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