14 November 2013

In conjunction with local construction company BAM, Siemens is supplying the road and tunnel technology for the “Leidsche Rijn” tunnel in the Dutch city of Utrecht. The city of Utrecht has also commissioned Siemens to maintain the installed technology for a period of three years. The order is worth around twelve million euros in total. Handover of the tunnel is scheduled for summer 2015.

To the west of Utrecht, the new district of Leidsche Rijn is under construction. Extending over some 20 square kilometers, this is the largest urban development project in the Netherlands. It is scheduled for completion by 2015, and will provide space for around 100,000 people to live and work. To relieve the road traffic around the Leidsche Rijn residential district, a city tunnel some 495 meters long and 22 meters wide is being constructed close to the existing A2 freeway tunnel, which is 1,700 meters long and forms part of one of the most important north-south links in the Netherlands.

Siemens is responsible for the entire road and tunnel control technology, and is supplying all of the communication and automation systems. The installed safety systems include the camera and video surveillance technology based on CCTV (closed-circuit television). An integrated automatic incident detection system detects not only traffic jams and accidents but also smoke formation. Modern lighting and ventilation systems use sensors to monitor visibility conditions and air quality. All ventilation, lighting, traffic control and safety systems are linked to and monitored by the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) control system.

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