Siemens Mobility and Padam, headquartered in Paris, France and a fast-growing turnkey AI-powered technology provider that operates on-demand transport (microtransit) services, are launching a partnership to enhance demand responsive transportation options and improve passenger experience. The investment will enhance Siemens Mobility’s intelligent infrastructure portfolio that is focused on intermodal transportation, offering public transportation operators a first/last mile transportation solution that optimizes vehicle utilization at lower costs. Siemens has made a significant investment in Padam. Both companies have agreed to maintain confidentiality regarding financial details of the deal. Padam’s white-label platform, Padam Live, is a software platform that is rebranded by public transportation operators to integrate microtransit services. It offers cities worldwide an advanced management system.

Padam was founded in 2014. It operates as a leading software as a service (SaaS) organization, which offers cities’ the opportunity to cater the software to their needs. Currently, cities in France and the United Kingdom, such as Orleans and Bristol, are actively using Padam’s solutions. With the new setup, Siemens Mobility and Padam will be better positioned to be the first-choice partner for demand-responsive public transportation operators.

“The investment in Padam represents our commitment to offering digital solutions that increase access to transportation information and a better passenger experience. Through intelligent traffic solutions, ticketing and time-table integration with Padam’s software, we will be able to offer expanded first/last mile transportation options. Together, Siemens Mobility and Padam will enable public transport operators to offer passengers a holistic and convenient commute from door-to-door,” stated Michael Peter, CEO of Siemens Mobility.

“With the investment of Siemens Mobility, along with investment from Setec Innovation, we have secured sufficient financing to further develop our solutions and keep our leading position in the booming demand responsive transportation market. Our comprehensive and flexible technology supports operators and authorities to develop microtransit services in many different contexts, reflecting population, cost of operation, time constraints, congestion levels and efficiency of routes. Padam’s software solutions also prepare for autonomous traffic in the future by filling the first/last mile gap. The solutions offered by Siemens Mobility will complement Padam’s offerings, integrating access to public mass transit information,” stated Gregoire Bonnat, CEO of Padam.

Siemens Mobility’s vision is to provide easy and seamless use of various forms of public and private transport from a single source: bus, train, car sharing and much more – according to the needs of the passengers and the city’s transport landscape. The investment in Padam is the latest example of its commitment to this vision, which was preceded by investments in HaCon and Bytemark, leaders in intermodal transportation solutions. Siemens Mobility’s approach of providing Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) through software that increases accessibility to public transport will be enhanced by Padam’s ability to integrate microtransit, enhancing the offerings that fill the first/last mile gap.

Source: Siemens