“We have reached a new milestone with a vision for our company: a vision to gather around, to strive for, to guide us day by day,” said Sabrina Soussan, CEO Siemens Mobility. “This vision and motto provide us with a roadmap to develop innovative mobility solutions that will enable our customers around the world to make infrastructure intelligent, increase value sustainably, enhance passenger experience and guarantee availability.”
“The new vision and motto share our core beliefs, demonstrate who we are, and provide us with a forward-looking integrated vision to venture beyond the   conventional notions of transport and mobility,” said Michael Peter, CEO Siemens Mobility. “We will continue to be trusted partners to our customers around the world, pioneering digital, sustainable, seamless and intelligent mobility solutions, that will meet the future challenges brought on by a growing demand for mobility and public transportation.”
Each aspect of the vision highlights specific focus areas that individually promote a greater degree of business development, innovation, sustainability, digitalization and most importantly customer focus. Together they form the outline and framework for a distinct and innovative plan that charts the path forward.
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