ITS (UK) has welcomed the news that Singapore is to host the 26th Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress in 2019.

The Congress, held annually since 1994, serves as a platform for government agencies, industry players and academic/research institutions from across the world to share knowledge and showcase the latest ITS products, services and technological achievements.

ITS (UK) International Director Richard Harris, of Xerox, described Singapore as an excellent host for the ITS World Congress. “Singapore is a leader in joined up transport policy and has created excellent public transport services to provide real alternatives to using private cars,” he said.

“Well known for its road pricing, the country also uses incentives and rewards to better balance use of its transport infrastructure. Singapore a real ITS thought leader in action,” he added.

Since 2014, Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) has worked in partnership with the Intelligent Transportation Society Singapore (ITSS) – and with support from the Singapore Tourism Board and International Enterprise Singapore – to put up the bid proposal.

A formal presentation of the bid proposal was held in 6 September 2014 at the 21st ITS World Congress in Detroit, USA.
LTA chief executive Chew Men Leong said: “We are honoured to be chosen to host the ITS World Congress in 2019. With Singapore moving towards being a Smart Nation, we are well placed to host this prestigious event.

“We will take this opportunity to showcase how we have been able to use smart technology and other innovative ways to transform our land transport systems and, in turn, improve travelling experience of all users,” he added.


Original source: ITS UK