As the countdown to the European Start up Prize ceremony kicks off, it is the perfect time to stop and look at why there is so much interest in these innovative, new businesses.

Needless to say, the advent of the Internet has made it easier for individuals and small groups to access information that can be used to find solutions that increase productivity and create innovation.

Today, start-ups are a significant source of employment and have become an important driving force for the economy at all levels.





However, good ideas and commitment to innovation cannot thrive without a society open to change, and Europe, with its variety of lifestyles, cultures and languages, offers an excellent breeding ground for start-ups.

But why focus on mobility?

With global challenges such as climate change and air pollution, as well as the need for improved road safety and more accessible transport services, it is ground-breaking that these new businesses can actually make profits while at the same time solving society’s issues.

With the handful of positive results collected by start-ups, it is time for Europe to encourage these businesses to unleash their complete potential. ERTICO – ITS Europe, with its aim of achieving a cleaner and smarter multimodal transport world, is glad to be part of this initiative. Curious to meet the 10 finalists and to hear their proposals, we will be attending the prize ceremony on Thursday 22 February, supporting these start-ups in their path towards success.


Stay tuned for more and make sure you don’t miss the live stream of the event on Facebook. You can also vote after each start-up pitch from your phone by downloading the APP here.