In this short video made by you can witness the kickoff of the STIR HUB innovation network.

The first session was between two countries and 5 cities dealing with the subject of Air Quality. Partnerships were subsequently established. This can be repeated as many times as desired with new cities, topics and potential partners every time. The only structure we apply is our commitment to “sustainable human progress”.

STIR offers:

  • the HUB partner network
  • the cooperative mission
  • the entrepreneurial world of change
  • the Sustainocratic working format
  • the interaction with SmartCitiesEU and Horizon2020 for joint projects.

We expect 1000s of STIR Hubs to develop and share innovations in a dynamic cooperative way. On our blog and via the SmartCitiesEU sites you will soon find the programs, participating regions and time schedules.

We hope to see a partner to start soon near you. Maybe you are interested yourself in becoming a value driven STIR HUB? It is easy, fast and rewarding. Just become member of the cooperative.